Tossal Gros de Miramar (Alt Camp / Conca de Barberà)

The Tossal Gros Miramar is included in the Plan for Areas of Natural Interest (PEIN).

Located in the Sierra de Miramar, between the Alt Camp and Conca de Barberá counties, highlights the contrast between the rock bands, culminating with the vegetation of hill slopes, that look to the north, making the PEIN (Plan for Areas of Natural Interest). It has a diversity of fauna characterized by the presence of birdlife and developed some interesting reptiles.

The hill is a limestone relief differentiated between the rivers Francolí reading. The vegetation of this area is a typical example of secondary communities and the country of permanent coastal holm oak. The remarkable diversity of wildlife in this area justifies its inclusion in the PEIN. The presence of a well-developed birdlife and some reptiles of great interest such as Bivio (Chalcides bedriagai).

The area includes the towns of Cabra del Camp and Figuerola del Camp, in the county of Alt Camp and Barberà de la Conca and Montblanc, in the country of Conca de Barberà.