The GR175 Trail Cistercian Route app is back

The GR175 Trail Cistercian Route app is back
Monday 24 February, 2020


The GR175 Trail Cistercian Route app is back

This year will be operational from March 5 to November 5 and is a sports and sustainable activity to promote the territory and the practice of sport


The Cistercian Route GR175 Trail returns on March 5th and will be operational until November 5th. Last year it was opened by the county councils of Alt Camp, Conca de Barberà and Urgell. This is a free and different activity to follow the route of the GR 175, independently and with an application that directs the activity and that last year was hosted by the athlete Núria Picas.

This itinerary can be done in different ways; walking, running or mountain biking autonomously and is to promote the territory and the practice of sport with arrival and departure to the monasteries of Santes Creus, Poblet and Vallbona de les Monges and also, it is a sustainable tourist product, innovative and unique internationally.


The challenges that have been identified are:

• Network 1. (R1) Poblet - Vallbona (25.6 Km)

• Challenge 2. (R2) Vallbona - Santes Creus (43.7 Km)

• Challenge 3. (R3) Santes Creus - Poblet (34.8 Km)

• Challenge 4. (R4) Ultra Cistercian Route, complete route (103 Km.)

• Family Challenges. Routes around each monastery


People who want to participate will have to download the free and certified 'Liverun' application through the Play Store for Android or Apple Store on the IOS system. Afterwards, it will be necessary to activate the route and follow the established track of the chosen challenge in order to record the time and a provisional classification. The app itself will allow you to consult the classifications, forecasts, technical and tourist information, as well as use the audio guide. The system takes the GPS geolocation data and when there is no mobile coverage it stores the data and when it takes coverage again, it sends them all. Your icon will not move, but will be updated later.


There will be three points of departure and arrival, one in each of the monasteries, where there will be a small panel. In addition, the platform is linked to the website ' where the various information of the routes are displayed and the time results of the different participants will be published, by challenges and by categories.