6T Card

6T Card

Bring the 6T Card 

 What is CARD 6T?

It is the pass card for users of the GR175, The Cistercian Route.

  • It's a nice souvenir
  • To obtain the 6T DIPLOMA that accredits that you have done the trail

Where can I get a 6T CARD?

It costs 1,00 € and it can be bought in the following places:

Alt Camp

  • Alt Camp (Valls) Regional Tourist Office
  • SantesCreus (Aiguamúrcia) Tourist Office
  • SantesCreus (Aiguamúrcia) Monastery

Conca de Barberà

  • The Cistercian Route Management Office, Montblanc
  • Conca de Barberà, Poblet (VimbodíiPoblet) Regional Tourist Office
  • L’Espluga de Francolí Municipal Tourist Office
  • Montblanc Municipal Tourist Office
  • Restaurant and rural apartment Mircla, Rocafort de Queralt


  • L'Urgell (Tàrrega) Regional Tourist Office
  • Santa Maria de Vallbona (Vallbona de les Monges) Monastery
  • Vallbona de les Monges Municipal Tourist Office
  • Rocallaura Café (Rocallaura)

See HERE for tourist office opening times.

How does the 6T CARD work?

The user has to get it stamped in the affiliated establishments and complete the 6 boxes. You should bear in mind that there cannot be more than one stamp from the same village and there must be at least one stamp from a monastery to a monastery.

Where is the 6T CARD stamped?

At the different affiliated establishments, in the tourist offices and in the three monasteries where the GR175 The Cistercian Route passes by. Each establishment has a different stamp. All of them have their establishment’s logo.

How do I get the 6T DIPLOMA?

You have to send a scanned copy of your 6T CARD along with your personal data, I.D. and Mobile telephone number to this e-mail address info@larutadelcister.info, and you will receive, also by e-mail,  the 6T DIPLOMA that accredits that you have done the trail.