GR-3 Third Section: Tàrrega - Verdú - Guimerà

GR-3 Third Section: Tàrrega - Verdú - Guimerà

The Gran Recorrido (GR3) trail in the Urgell region has a length of north to south of 60 km, and gives an overview of its beautiful physical and monumenal environment. We will divide it into four sections, the third of which is related to the PR C 25 of the Ondara, Verdú and Corb routes



Distance: 12,100 km

Time: 3 h 10 min on foot

Slope: - + 240 m

Part of this route of the GR3 allows the combination with the section that is done by the PR of the route L'ONDARA, VERDÚ AND EL CORB (Guimerà-Verdú-El Talladell-Tàrrega), described above. It is a 8-way route that allows you to do it whole or split it into two shorter routes.

Km 0 Plaza Mayor de Tàrrega. From the gothic cross of the road, we walk along the main street, crossing

Place Sant Antoni and down the street of Sant Agustí.

0.300 Ondara River (called the Reguer). Cross through the catwalk and go to the right,

c. Joan Tous, and then on the left, we walk along the wide street of Salvador Espriu.

0,800 C-14 road from Tarragona. We cross it and at 150 m we find Camí de Verdú,

that we will continue to our right. Indicator stick.

1,220 We leave a fork to the right and continue straight on through fields and small farms

stone walls

1,650 Small irrigation channel called the Canalet that receives water from the Urgell canal.

2.025 Crossroads. The path continues straight always in the south direction between almond trees, olives and

Vineyards, which with more or less intensity will accompany us to Guimerà.

3,100 Bifurcation. In front of you is the village of Verdú. We follow the same direction.

3,800 After a sharp descent, we go to the left. Indicator stick.

4.025 Riera del Cercavins. Once two bridges have passed, on our left you will find the

Fountain of Santa Magdalena, a place of rest and recreation. We continue towards the first houses

of Verdú.

4,500 After a small but steep climb, we find the LV-2101 road that goes to

Montornès de Segarra. We follow it to our left and about 150 m (signpost)

We leave to ascend to the street of Maldonell and then to the left we will leave the village by

street of Bonaire.

5,100 Bifurcation near the water tank. We continue straight ahead in a southerly direction.

5,525 Bifurcation. Wide view of the plain of Urgell and closer to the embankment of the hermitage

Bovera. We continue to the left, palo indicator.

6,200 After a descent, we turn right at the edge of a vineyard.

7,370 Small fork on the right. We continue straight ahead. The panoramic view of the lands

from Segarra will accompany us a long stretch.

9,200 Followed by forks. The GR-3 goes first to the right and then straight ahead

bordered by stone walls.

11,200 Bifurcation. Keep straight ahead To the bottom on the left we see the village of L'Ametlla de


11,675 Bifurcation and then crossing the Granyena track. There is a cross term.

We continue with a steep descent towards Guimerà. Indicator stick.

12,100 Church of Guimerà and Torre. We are at the highest part of the town, we enter through the portal

from the Plaza de la Iglesia. You can go down many streets and stepped streets until you arrive

to the Corb river. A possible itinerary is: c. of the Church, to the left by the c. of the North, c.

Mossèn Camí, c. of the Ash, c. of the Gulet, c. Major, pl. Major, c. de la Font.

GR®-3 Third tranche

Up to here we have the option to return to Tàrrega

for the PR of the route L'ONDARA, VERDÚ AND EL

CORB, or follow the GR -3 direction Vallbona

of the Monges.

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