Cistercian Route Pass

Cistercian Route Pass
Thursday 26 March, 2020


You can buy your ticket.

Buying just one ticket, you can explore three of the most beautiful medieval monasteries in Catalonia. Chosen as royal pantheons by the Crown of Aragon, they form the backbone of the Cistercian Route: with their architectural splendour, they combine a monastic tradition that is still alive today and an updated range of visitor options that will take you on a journey in time.

Terms and conditions for the Cistercian Route combination admission ticket - 2020

  • The combination admission ticket can be purchased from 1 January 2020 onwards at any of the three monasteries that are part of the Cistercian Route.
  • The Cistercian Route combination ticket costs €15.
  • This discounted multi-admission rate cannot be combined with other discounts that any of the three monasteries may be offering.
  • The combination ticket is valid for a period of two years after the first visit.
  • The combination ticket allows the holder to visit each of the monasteries once only.

The combination admission ticket includes:

  1. Admission to the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Poblet
  2. Admission and audiovisual presentation at the Royal Monastery of Santes Creus
  3. Admission and guided tour of the Royal Monastery of Santa Maria de Vallbona

The combination admission ticket does not include other services not specified above, such as guided tours, audio guides and audiovisual presentations.
Last ticket sales and admission 30 minutes before closing time.


Check each monastery for their specific conditions regarding admission for children aged under 16 (the age of the minor on the day of the visit, to be within the period of validity of their card):



children under 7: free

aged 7 to 14: reduced admission fee, €8

aged 14 and over with a young person’s or student’s card: reduced admission, €8



children under 16: free



children under 9: free

aged 9 to 16: reduced admission fee, €5