The Way of the Cistercian Route forms part of the large European network of signposted footpaths and it is the only trail linking the three most outstanding Cistercian Order monasteries in Catalonia. The monasteries of Santes Creus, Poblet and Vallbona de les Monges are located in the inland regions of Alt Camp, Conca de Barberà and Urgell respectively.

The route is circular with a total of 105 km and 108 km for cyclists. There are 4 different ways if the cyclist would like to evade the more difficult routes. It is all well-signposted (in both directions) as the GR175, with the red and white balises of the French Grande Randonée network and waymarked posts showing additional information on each site and its height.  The path is also well-conditioned with railings, handrails and steps where necessary to ensure a safe and comfortable hike.

The Cistercian Route is suitable for anyone who is used to hiking, since it does not entail anything harder than some moderate slopes and the distance itself. You can do it in as many stages as you like, always taking into account how long you can spend on it, what you are aiming at and how fit you are.

There are some striking experiences to be enjoyed along the way, such as evening prayers at Poblet accompanied by the monks’ canticles following a superb walk over the wooded hills of Prades - Paratge de Poblet; the idyllic approach to Vallbona de les Monges through the vineyards of La Conca and the fields of L’Urgell, which complements perfectly the nuns’ contemplative Vespers; or a hike along the rugged ridge of El Cogulló and the contrasting flatlands of L’Alt Camp to get to the impressive monastery of Santes Creus. 

There is still much to see, ably brought alive by a multi-lingual dramatic audiovisual installation, and English-speaking guides who will relate the medieval legends of the monastery. You are bound to enjoy all of these experiences, which you will only find along the Cistercian Route.

The GR 175, the Cistercian Route, is more than just a footpath, it is the link between the three most outstanding monasteries of the Cistercian Order in Catalonia, a walk through the history of its towns, the close-up to some man-modelled lands and some pristine natural features, the taste of an original local cuisine, rooted as firmly to the landscape as the people who live and love the area.  This route is all you are willing to come across. It is the Way of the Cistercian Route.



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