Mountains of Prades (Alt Camp / Conca de Barberà)

The mountains of Prades are the heart of the Gold Coast and is one of the most important natural areas of the southern regions of Catalonia, for its extension to biological and cultural wealth it contains.

The mountain meadows are part of the Catalan coastal mountain range and are included in the Plan for Areas of Natural Interest (PEIN) and includes the towns of Mont-ral, Alcover, the Riba Vilavert, Montblanc, Espluga of Francolí , and Vimbodí Poblet Vallclara and Vilanova de Prades.

The counties that are divided administratively mountains are: the High Field, Lower Field, Conca de Barbera, Priorat and Garrigues. From Conca de Barbera and Lower Golf excursions can be made as to visit the Brugent River valley, the valley of the square, or the Motllats Plans.

The area of natural beauty of the mountains of Prades is a privileged place for lovers of tourism and mountain sports.