Poblet Natural Site of National Interest (Conca de Barberà)

Poblet Natural Site of National Interest (Conca de Barberà)

Located in the municipalities: Vimbodí & Poblet and l'Espluga Francoli. It is a special protection area closely linked to the history of the monastery of Poblet.

Poblet Natural Site has a lush and varied vegetation: white pine, scotch pine, red pine, oak, oak leaved chestnut, cedar, fir, elm, serving, strawberry and even some redwoods. The oak grove oak is the only one in Catalonia and the presence of yew and holly are protected species.

As for wildlife, we can find some eagles and owls more representative of the Mediterranean mountains, deer, wild boars, deers, badgers, squirrels, rabbits, hares, foxes and many other species.

In the natural wealth contained in Poblet forest, must be added the important cultural and architectural heritage such as ice houses, old houses and forest carbon.

Hiking is the main leisure activity that can be done to Poblet Nature Park. The long route GR175 Cistercian Route, marked with red and white stripes, through much of the landscape as the GR171 and its variants. At the same time, there are three signposted especially suitable for making a safety walks with the natural. Often organized tours visiting the most notable free space.

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