Parish Church of Santa Maria Preixana

Parish Church of Santa Maria Preixana

Located on the hill that dominates the Sitjar village, where you can see a vast territory extenció.

It is a historic monument, declared a National Cultural Interest (BCIN).

The late Gothic church is the S. XVI, with Renaissance facade. The bell, a square base and octagonal top, is located on the side. One of the most characteristic traits are the foothills of the church, located at each corner, one of which is a large sundial.

The church was badly damaged by earthquakes that took place in the years 1427 and 1428. Later, after the Spanish Civil War, was hit by explosives. It was from 1945 and with the help of the organization of the Spanish Government, Regions Devastadas, who refurbished the roof.

The last major reform was the change in the bell tower of the north face of the current on the south side in 1955.

The church keeps a part of a Gothic altar stone of the early church the scene of Mary adormició. Another scene is the Museum of Solsona.
There are scholars who assert that the church was built using parts of the old castle Preixana.

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