GR- 3 First Section: Donzell d'Urgell - Agramunt

GR- 3 First Section: Donzell d'Urgell - Agramunt

Distance: 5,45 Km

Time: 1 h 28 min on foot

Slope: - 100 m

The Gran Recorrido (GR3) trail in the Urgell region has a length of north to south of 60 km, and gives an overview of its beautiful physical and monumenal environment. We will divide it into four sections, the third of which is related to the PR C 25 of the Ondara, Verdú and Corb routes



Km 0 Donzell d'Urgell (457 m). From the Plaza de la Iglesia, it goes south.

0.180 Let's move on to a deposit.

0,520 Fork. We continue to the left, going down between an oak forest.

1,550 Crossroads. On the left you come down a track that goes from Rocabertí de Sant Salvador. The path goes to the right.

2,400 Crossroads. You go to the right following a track that comes from Mas Segur, next there is a landmark with the initials RR.

2,600 Crossroads. We find the track that comes from Donzell d'Urgell and that will take us to Agramunt; you continue to the left. You leave a track to the left and another to the right and continue in the same direction that you take.

3,220 Farms on the edge of the trail. Two paths are left to the right and continue along the same track.

4.050 Canal d'Urgell (330 m). During this itinerary of this section of the trail you will find several times this channel. After crossing it, follow straight ahead.

4.900 Bridge over the canal, on the left you cross it and continue along the streets of the Safareig and the Fair. When you reach Mariá Jolonch Avenue, you go to the left on the street of Àngel Guimerà.

5,450 Agramunt (337m), Plaza del Pou.

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